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Benefits of Los Angeles Medical Trials for Female Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual intimacy often plays a role in overall relationship satisfaction, as well as affecting self-esteem. Frequent difficulties in this area can cause tension and insecurities for all parties involved. Of course, that statement does not apply to every person and relationship; however, sexual gratification and contentedness are a focal point for many. If you are a woman who has some form of female sexual dysfunction (FSD), you know that maintaining this area of your life can be difficult and frustrating. Perhaps you have sought help, only to be told there is no cure because the origin of FSD is not yet known. This does have to mean that there is no hope. In fact, researchers frequently conduct medical trials in search of a viable solution to the problem. This article will touch on the benefits you could gain by participating in a medical trial, and will be aimed at women within the Los Angeles area.

Statistics and Symptoms

Currently, 40% of women report struggling with sexual problems to some degree, says American Family Physician. Of these women, it is estimated that anywhere between 25-63% of them have some form of FSD, notes Medscape. Healthywomen.org mentions that women of any age can experience female sexual dysfuntion, though it is most common in women ages 45 to 64. There are multiple types of FSD:

  •   Hypoactive sexual desire disorder:  Low or absent libido
  •   Sexual aversion disorder: Aversion to sexual activity
  •   Sexual arousal disorder: Difficulty becoming aroused
  •   Female orgasmic disorder: Difficulty reaching orgasm
  •   Dyspareunia: Pelvic pain during intercourse
  •   Vaginismus: Painful muscle spasms of the vaginal wall

FSD clinical trialsBenefits of Medical Trials for Female Sexual Dysfunction

Medical trials rely on volunteer participants to test new drugs, therapies, and devices in order to find the most useful treatments for human illness. Typically, participants are divided up into a treatment group (which receives the treatment being tested), and a placebo group (which receives a sugar pill or other sham treatment). This is done so that investigators can compare the effects between the two groups.

A perk that is less commonly considered when making the decision to take part in a medical trial is the impact that it may have on self-perception. Not only does enrolling in clinical research positively influence your physical wellbeing, but your emotional health, as well. You will be immersing yourself in an environment where you will have access to informed medical professionals. This is beneficial, as it will grant you the opportunity to learn more about female sexual dysfunction, the symptoms to look out for, and the best techniques for managing the symptoms of FSD.

Yet another noteworthy benefit of participating in local Los Angeles medical trials is the cost and compensation. The treatment you receive during the course of a trial is typically free. This means that all female sexual dysfunction medications, therapies, and medical devices will be administered at no cost to you. If you do not have insurance, or could not otherwise afford treatment, taking part in a clinical trial could benefit you greatly. Additionally, it is common for research subjects in Los Angeles to receive monetary compensation for participating, to cover transportation costs, etc. Finally, even after the medical trial comes to a close, you will receive periodic progress assessments by the research team.

Perhaps the most beneficial upside of all is the potential that you will be exposed to a successful FSD treatment. This is particularly useful if you have been diagnosed with the illness being studied. Should the medication/therapy/device being tested end up being effective and safe, you will be among a handful of people who receive it before it even hits the pharmaceutical market. Of course, there is always the chance that you will end up in the group that is not receiving the treatment. Even still, your health will be monitored under the watchful eye of the researchers, likely in a reputable Los Angeles medical facility.
Aside from female sexual dysfunction that is caused by known medical factors, the origin of FSD is not yet understood. There is no standardized treatment for the condition, though researchers are continuously conducting medical trials to determine the most useful management techniques for the condition. If you suffer with female sexual dysfunction and are looking for solutions, joining a medical trial may provide you with a plethora of benefits.

To learn more about Los Angeles clinical trials for female sexual dysfunction, contact the Pacific Institute of Medical Research, which is an independent clinical research site specializing in psychiatry since 1982. Visit us online or call us at (310) 208-7144.

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