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Benefits of Los Angeles Clinical Trials

All of the recent medical breakthroughs have come to be through an extensive series of tests and experiments in clinical trials, which are an important part of the medical research process. These medical studies are used to assess the efficacy and safety of treatments for a myriad of diseases, including depression, cancer, etc. Clinical trials allow researchers and medical professionals to gather new information about treatment options. They also provide individuals enrolled with the benefit of getting cutting edge medical treatment for free, even receiving compensation in some cases.

What is a Clinical Trial?

A Los Angeles clinical trial is a research study that uses small or large groups of patients to determine whether a product is safe and effective. When a new drug, device or therapy is tested, there are three possible outcomes. According to National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, these outcomes are no effect, harmful effect and positive effect. Clinical trials are conducted to test numerous diseases, ranging from diabetes to cancer.

How Do Clinical Trials Help Find a Cure for Ailments?

The medical field is constantly growing and expanding, with new cures being discovered daily. It is important to conduct clinical trials before publicly releasing a treatment option to make sure that the method is safe, as well as effective, before it is widely prescribed.

clinical studies in Los AngelesBy participating in a clinical trial, patients can help to cure illnesses for years to come and advance medical science, while hopefully healing their own ailments. In this way, clinical trials allow participants to help others currently suffering from the same disease, as well as future generations and themselves, as stated by U.S. National Library of Medicine.

What are the Benefits of Clinical Trials?

New medicine must be tested before they can be publicly released. Therefore, being a part of a clinical trial gives participants the opportunity to try new treatments before they are made available to the general public. This allows those enrolled access to the latest medication on the market; providing a chance to get a true cure or simply alleviate symptoms faster.

Oftentimes, individuals cannot afford to go to the doctor, or those that can can’t pay for expensive medicine and treatments. However, clinical trials in Los Angeles provide free access to lab work, prescription medication and professional medical care. Frequently, patients are also compensated for their time in paid clinical trials, since they are making an invaluable contribution to advancing the medical field through their participation.

According to the Fox Chase Cancer Center, another benefit of being in a clinical trial is that progress and side effects will be closely monitored. Most medical treatments are associated with some side effects, but in a clinical trial those symptoms will be watched for and the trial may be terminated as necessary. This level of vigilance is a unique feature of clinical trials, as it is not always present in average medical treatment.

Clinical trials are necessary for medical development, and are mutually beneficial for both the patient and the medical professional. By allowing patients to receive brand new forms of treatment without cost, medical researchers are able to gain invaluable information about how the human body reacts to a particular treatment.

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