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Who Can Participate in Los Angeles Medical Trials?

When conducting Los Angeles medical trials, researchers select candidates based on the eligibility criteria outlined in the research protocol. Depending on the goals of the study, researchers may require participants to be healthy, whereas some may select volunteers that already have the illness being examined. Groups may also be predetermined, in which the candidates are selected by the researcher and asked to take part in the trial, explains the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. Eligibility criterion contains two subcategories – inclusion criteria and exclusion criteria – that help determine the factors that either qualify or disqualify potential participants. As well as meeting eligibility criterion, all participants must submit an informed consent document prior to the medical trial, says the U.S National Institute of Health.

Healthy Participants

According to Duke Clinical Research Unit, participants who are in good health, meaning that they have no major health issues, are typically used in medical trials that aim to produce new information. New medications, procedures and medical devices are tested on these volunteers, whose reactions and results act as the normative standard for comparison. These participants serve as controls against which the affected patient group can be compared. Groups consisting of healthy individuals are usually matched up to those in patient groups based on factors such as age, race and gender, etc.

Participants with Medical Conditions

Other times, Los Angeles medical trials require participants to already have the illness upon which the study is based. These clinical trials, says Duke Clinical Research Unit, allow researchers to further understand an illness and the way it can be diagnosed, treated and cured.  Like trials performed with healthy individuals, participants with medical conditions may be subject to new drugs, treatments, medical devices and procedures. The goal of this is to exemplify the overall effectiveness of an experimental treatment. Some individuals in this category act as controls, (receiving no treatment) while others receive treatment to varying degrees.


Los Angeles clinical trialsThe National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute states that children often react differently to treatment than adults, and therefore require special consideration where medical research is concerned. A child’s stage in the developmental process may impact which treatments can be administered and how safe they will be. Also, lesser dosages of medication or smaller medical apparatuses may be necessary. In order for children under the age of 18 to participate in clinical trials, their parent(s) must sign a consent form acknowledging the risks involved. Provided the child is over seven years of age, they must also give assent for their own involvement.

Informed Consent

Prior to the initiation of a medical trial, participants are required to complete an informed consent document. This outlines the purpose of the study, the procedures involved and the risks and benefits associated with participation. The goal of the consent form is to provide complete transparency to applicants (as well as safeguard against legal issues for the research team).

Los Angeles medical trials are a necessary part of medical research and allow for new findings that may prove beneficial for medical advancement. Those who are selected to participate in clinical trials are chosen based on the particular needs of the researchers and the determined eligibility criteria. Both healthy volunteers, as well as those with particular medical conditions are useful; child participants are also necessary, and require special consideration. To ensure all participants are aware of the intentions of the trial, an informed consent document must be reviewed and signed before a clinical trial commences.  

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