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  • LA clinical trials for depression

    Three Benefits of a Depression Clinical Trial in Los Angeles

    For the millions who suffer from it, depression can be a debilitating illness. This invisible condition can reveal itself in a host of ways, including crippling feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, chronic fatigue, persistent thoughts of causing self-harm, erratic sleep patterns and disinterest in life in …

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  • depression and genetics

    Is Depression Genetic?

    According to latest statistics reported by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the prevalence of depression in the US adult population is 8%. The report also suggested that poorly managed depression alone is responsible for 41,149 preventable deaths due to suicide attempts at a rate of …

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  • depression pharmaceutical trials Los Angeles

    Three Little Known Facts about Depression

    When compared to the general population, those with depression experience far more pervasive sadness and despair, for longer periods of time. Negative, even crippling, emotions become a part of daily life for those with the illness, and cannot be easily remedied. Many people are quick …

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  • pharmaceutical trials Los Angeles for bipolar disorder

    Three Important Facts About Bipolar Disorder

    Sometimes the most difficult part of getting help is recognizing that you need it. Bipolar disorder, due to the nature of it, can often go undiagnosed. That can leave many individuals in tumultuous routines and life situations. If you are considering the potential that you …

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  • manic depression pharmaceutical trial

    Popular Manic Depression Medications

    What Is Manic Depression? manic, also known as bipolar disorder, is a serious brain disorder which causes one to experience extreme variances in mood, thinking and behavior. The most common phases of this disorder are a manic phase and a depressed phase. Mood swings commonly occur …

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  • pharmaceutical trials for depression

    Five Tips for Managing Depression Los Angeles

    Depression is a psychiatric condition; specifically, it is a mood disorder which is characterized by a persistent low mood with loss of interest and feelings of sadness. Experiencing mood fluctuations is a normal part of life; however, experiencing overwhelming feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness that …

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  • therapy for depression Los Angeles

    Various Types of Therapy for Depression

    Feeling down at times is natural for everyone; however, it is concerning when these feelings linger day after day, as that could indicate depression. According to WebMD, major depression is an episode of apathy or sadness, including various other symptoms, that lasts for at least two consecutive weeks, …

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  • depression treatments

    How to Deal with Depression in Los Angeles

    We can all experience negative feelings and low moods, occasionally. However, if you are experiencing these persistently, and finding it difficult to go about your daily life as you normally would, you may be experiencing depression. If you believe that you may be depressed, the …

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  • medical studies for depression

    What is a Clinical Trial for Depression?

    It is not uncommon to experience low moods or periods of sadness occasionally. However, these emotions are often brief, lasting only a few days. For those who have depression, negative emotions persist for a long period of time. The National Institute of Mental Health outlines …

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  • noticing signs of depression in loved ones

    Noticing Signs of Depression in Loved Ones

    Have you recently noticed changes in weight, appetite, sleep patterns, cognitive abilities, and mood regulation in a loved one? If so, they may potentially be experiencing clinical depression. Depression is a mood disorder that affects the daily lives of those who suffer from it. The …

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