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    Is Fibromyalgia Real?

    Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain condition that affects multiple areas of the body. Pain caused by this disease is often generalized, with whole body discomfort being common. It is somewhat difficult to diagnose fibromyalgia, because there are no visible physical indicators of its presence. Some …

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    What is the Latest Research About Fibromyalgia?

    Fibromyalgia is a disorder that causes chronic, widespread pain and discomfort. Approximately three to six million people in the United States have fibromyalgia, says The exact cause of this malady is not known. Thus, people are diagnosed with fibromyalgia when all other potential risk …

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    The Basics of a Fibromyalgia Diet

    Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain disorder of unknown origin. The condition causes widespread pain and sensitivity, and is often stressful to manage. Due to fibromyalgia not having one distinguishable cause, treatment often takes into account a number of factors from multiple aspects of the affected …

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    How are Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Related?

    Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia (FM) are both terrible conditions in their own right; both affecting sufferers with a substantial amount of pain and suffering. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition which causes widespread aching, fever and a prolonged sense of tiredness and depression. While it …

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    Is Fibromyalgia Hereditary?

    Some parents give many things to their children over the span of the lifetime, in many different ways. Whether it be food, shelter, an amazing birthday present, or invaluable life advice, adults come to recognize that [good] parents contribute far more than they realized as …

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    Three Little Known Facts about Fibromyalgia

    The majority of people would most likely report that they experience random, inexplicable pain or feel extremely fatigued at some point. Typically, these occurrences are infrequent and do not interrupt the ability to lead a functional life. Unlike the majority of people, those with fibromyalgia …

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    Five Tips on Managing Fibromyalgia Pain

    Fibromyalgia is a misunderstood condition that causes widespread pain and stiffness, which can lead to a host of other problems. Since the disorder is not clearly understood, treatment options are limited. However, those with fibromyalgia should not be discouraged, as there are a number of …

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    Details about Los Angeles Fibromyalgia Support Groups

    When the unexplainable happens, we often chalk it up to a misinterpretation of circumstance. This is particularly true when we were the only ones to witness the experience, as it is difficult to prove these things to people who were not present. Those who suffer …

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    What is Fibromyalgia Pain?

    We have all experienced physical pain or other uncomfortable sensations in our bodies that, seemingly, occurred without a cause. Whether it be a shooting pain, instant headache, or muscle spasm, the chances are that we were eventually able to provide a logical explanation (such as …

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    Fibromyalgia Symptoms in Women

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines fibromyalgia as, “a disorder of unknown etiology characterized by widespread pain, abnormal pain processing, sleep disturbance, fatigue and other psychological distress.” Approximately five million adults in the US have symptoms of fibromyalgia at any given time; for …

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