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Female Sexual Dysfunction Medication

Intimacy with significant others or partners can be demonstrated in multiple ways. For a lot of people, sexual activity is one of the ways in which intimacy and affection is shared. That is not to suggest it is the only way, of course. We also hold hands, share our secrets, and spend time just talking about our feelings to build an intimate connection. However, for many people, sex plays a significant role in healthy relationships. Difficulties in this area can cause problems with self-esteem of all parties involved, as well as overall relationship satisfaction. This may be the case for women (and spouses) who deal with female sexual dysfunction on a frequent basis. Though the condition can be frustrating, there are certain female sexual dysfunction medications that may benefit women who deal with this condition.

Female Sexual Dysfunction Subtypes and Symptoms

Female sexual dysfunction is a disruption in the sexual functioning of women, and may be caused by a number of different factors. Medical conditions, psychological ailments and emotional issues may all hinder normative sexual activity. There are subtypes of the disorder, as listed below:

  •      Hypoactive sexual desire, characterized by a low libido or lack of sex drive
  •      Sexual arousal disorder, characterized by difficulty becoming, and staying, aroused
  •      Sexual aversion disorder, characterized by feelings of disgust, fear, or revulsion during consensual sexual intercourse
  •      Orgasmic disorder, characterized by frequent difficulty achieving orgasm
  •      Dyspareunia, characterized by painful intercourse
  •      Vaginismus, characterized by painful vaginal spasms in response to sexual intercourse

Female Sexual Dysfunction Medication

Estrogen Replacement Therapy

In certain circumstances, hormonal imbalances may cause female sexual dysfunction symptoms. It is more likely for women who have surpassed menopause to experience this, though it does not affect this demographic exclusively. A common medication prescribed in the case of a hormonal imbalance is estrogen replacement therapy. Estrogen is a female sex hormone, low levels of which can lead to a loss of vaginal tone and elasticity, as well as declined blood flow to the vaginal tissues (necessary for arousal). A lack of estrogen may also make it difficult for the vagina to produce natural lubrication, which can make sexual intercourse painful. Estrogen replacement therapy is provided in localized vaginal rings, creams, or tablets. Studies have shown that estrogen replacement therapy has been proven to have a statistically significant, positive correlation to sexual activity, enjoyment and fantasies in specific, says American Family Physician.

FlibanserinFSD treatments Los Angeles

Flibanserin was originally manufactured as an antidepressant medication, and has shown to be effective for treating low sexual desire. In particular, this finding is applicable to women who have not yet gone through menopause. Flibanserin is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and is taken in the form of a daily pill. This medication increases brain chemicals (called neurotransmitters) that are responsible for sexual arousal. If you take Flibanserin and have not noticed improvement after eight weeks, you should discontinue use and consult your doctor, says The Mayo Clinic.

Viagra Clinical Trials

Viagra has been a popular medication for male erectile dysfunction for a while now, with positive results. Researchers were curious as to if this drug would have the same benefits for women who struggle with female sexual dysfunction. In order to determine this, clinical trials are being conducted to test the safety and efficacy of Viagra for women. A clinical study is a part of medical research, which recruits volunteer subjects who receive experimental medications, therapies, and other medical treatments, to examine the effects they have on humans.

In a 12-week study, 202 postmenopausal women with sexual arousal disorder were administered 50 mg of Viagra each day, or a placebo. Women who received the Viagra treatment showed a statistically significant increase in genital sensation during intercourse, and greater overall sexual satisfaction, notes Researchgate.net. More clinical research needs to be conducted regarding Viagra as an FSD treatment, as there has not been enough to draw a concrete conclusion.
Female sexual dysfunction is a disorder that affects women of all ages. There are many subtypes of the condition, each with its own set of complications. Some forms of FSD are caused by underlying health issues, such as a hormonal imbalance, while some are triggered by psychological, social, or emotional difficulties. If you or your partner are experiencing sexual difficulties, there are a few popular medications that may be helpful.

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