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Why Are Los Angeles Clinical Studies Important?

Clinical studies involve research using human subjects as a method of collecting new medical information. There are two types of medical studies clinical trials (also referred to as interventional studies) and observational studies. Regardless of which type of clinical study is conducted, the fact is that medical studies are very important. By conducting them, researchers aim to determine the most effective treatment for various diseases, as well as the best preventative measures. Within the last fifty years, many antibiotics, vaccines, medical tests and other devices/procedures have been developed; testing the effectiveness of these innovations (in humans) began with clinical studies.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials exist so that researchers can determine the safety profile and success rate of a specified intervention. Participants are assigned to specific groups, and receive treatment accordingly. The U.S National Institute of Mental Health notes that research may compare new research to existing techniques, new research to a placebo treatment, or existing treatments to one another. There are four phases involved in the process, described by Huntsman Cancer Institute as follows. During the first phase, the treatment in question is administered to human subjects for the very first time. At this point, researchers do not know what effects will occur, whatsoever. The second phase is initiated when an appropriate dosage/exposure level has been determined, and the third phase starts when/if consistent use proves to be beneficial. Stage four exists so that the long-term risks and benefits of the treatment can be measured, and begins after the intervention has been approved for standardized use. In order to be eligible to participate, individuals must meet certain criteria pertaining to the objectives of the research. There are many types of clinical trials, including prevention trials, screening trials, diagnostic trials, and treatment trials.

medical studies in Los AngelesPreventative Trials

A preventative trial is the facet of medical studies that attempts to determine the treatment with the highest likelihood of lowering the odds of development of disease. These trials are conducted using healthy patients, or those who have previously had the disease being studied and are in remission.

Screening Trials

Screening trials are important to clinical research because they aim to establish whether the early detection of illness reduces the severity of symptoms, as well as the mortality rate. Screening trials are carried out before any indicators of disease have occurred.

Diagnostic Trials

Researchers conducting these clinical trials analyze diagnostic techniques, with the goal of finding the most accurate, useful disease detection method. In order to be eligible for involvement, people must typically exhibit signs of the condition being studied.

Treatment Trials

Treatment trials are necessary in order to discern the efficacy of standardized and experimental medical care, or a combination of the two. Different surgeries, medications, psychotherapies, and daily life factors may be compared. Eligibility criterion requires that participants have a current diagnosis of the disorder being examined.

Observational Studies

Unlike clinical trials, those who participate in observational medical studies are not assigned to specific treatment groups. These studies can be thought of as observing people in their natural state, meaning that there has been no intervention by the researchers. Cohort studies and database studies (in which medical records of various people are compared) are exemplary of observation-style studies. says these clinical studies are important because they offer a wide range of approaches to answering real world questions.

Clinical studies are crucial for the forward advancement of medical knowledge. The information collected from different types of clinical trials and observational studies allows investigators to gain a deeper understanding of which treatment methods are most effective and safe for preventing, managing and curing human disease.

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