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    What are Popular Types of Dementia? (Part 1)

    Dementia is a word that carries is a very negative connotation. When thinking of someone who is plagued by this condition, one imagines an elderly person who is affected by cognitive and memory issues, and eventually is no longer able to take care of him or …

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    Five Common Early Signs of Dementia (Part 2)

    In a previous post, we described five common early signs of dementia; these include problems with short-term memory, changes in mood and personality, indifference, trouble with language, and the fact that dementia requires at least one of these impairments to coexist with general memory loss. …

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    Five Common Early Signs of Dementia (Part 1)

    Old age is often associated with memory loss, trouble completing certain tasks and problems with cognitive functioning. However, oftentimes, the decline we see in the elderly is not considered normal by medical professionals, and is a sign of dementia. Dementia is not a specific condition, …

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    What is Mixed Dementia?

    Dementia is a difficult condition not only for the person afflicted with it to endure, but also for the people around the person. To watch someone forget common names and places, and eventually not be able to take care of him or herself, is not …

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    What is Lewy Body Dementia?

    When individuals who are concerned about their elderly parents or grandparents notice some kind of cognitive decline, they may be overwhelmed by the amount of conditions that their loved ones may face. Although most people have heard of the term “dementia,” they never realized how …

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    What Causes Vascular Dementia?

    If you notice a loved one slowly deteriorating mentally, forgetting common phrases and faces, you may consider it a normal part of aging. However, it may be likely that your parent or grandparent is actually suffering from dementia. Dementia consists of various cognitive issues, amongst …

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  • What Is Vascular Dementia

    What is Vascular Dementia?

      The human body contains roughly 60,000 miles of blood vessels. Any interruption or restriction in the blood flow through that vast network of vessels can spell trouble in not only how we feel, but how we think as well. Vascular dementia – the second …

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  • Dementia Clinical Trial

    Why You Should Participate in a Dementia Clinical Trial

    It’s common to chalk up dementia as an issue that affects the elderly exclusively, but that is a mistake. Dementia occurs when one of the brain’s four distinct regions experiences damage, causing a decline in cognitive abilities. Because it is a gradual process, dementia symptoms …

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    What Are the Dementia Stages?

    Because dementia is a progressive disease, signs of it will normally begin to show themselves later with age, and will last for the remainder of the person’s life. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for dementia or an ability to reverse the damage it causes. In this …

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  • MCI California medical trial

    What is the Latest Research on Mild Cognitive Impairment?

      Utilizing clinical trials, two recent research studies reveal that brain and physical fitness can be effective agents in reducing the effects and symptoms of mild cognitive impairment (MCI). In this article, we’ll define MCI, discuss its symptoms and effects, and talk about the exciting …

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