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Three Benefits of a Los Angeles Clinical Trial

Clinical trials are ground zero in the fight to discover new forms of medical treatment. According to experts, the average time for a medication to go from invention to prescription is around 12 years. During that time, it undergoes scores of tests and analyzations in labs and through clinical trials. When all’s said and done, less than 1% of new drugs are ultimately approved for public use.

While clinical trials are underway throughout the year in just about every corner of the world, Los Angeles is proving to be a hub for medical research. In this article, we’ll talk about the importance of clinical trials and why Los Angeles should be a destination of choice for those wanting to take part.

Significance of Clinical Trials

Long before any new medication makes its way to people’s’ medicine cabinets, medical researchers must first see how it actually works with real live people. Strict mandates require that the clinical trials be conducted in a series of four phases, with each group of participants increasing as the trials progress from one phase to the next.

Los Angeles a Hub for Medical Research

With a population of 18.55 million, Los Angeles is the second largest city in the US. The Economic and Workforce Development department in the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office says that there are approximately 38,000 professionals currently working in the biotech industry.

According to their own site, the University of Southern California secured nearly $2 billion in funding for medical research. The university has also committed itself to the construction of a biotechnology park.Los Angeles pharmaceutical trials

Benefits of Being in a Los Angeles Clinical Trials

Its large population coupled with the typical requirements for a successful clinical trial uniquely position Los Angeles as ideal hotspot for researchers and trial participants alike.

Three specific benefits for wanting to take part in a LA-based trial include:

  1. The density of the Los Angeles population attracting more researchers because they need a specific number of participants that must meet a precise criteria to be considered for the trials.
  2. Being paid more for taking the time to serve, mainly in the form of reimbursement for travel costs and lost wages from your day job. Because the cost of living in Los Angeles is so much higher than other cities in the country, you’re going to be compensated well.
  3. Participants in Los Angeles area have access to one of the most comprehensive public transportation programs in the world. Because clinical trials often last for weeks and months at a time, participants need easy-to-navigate access to transportation. From the Los Angeles International Airport, extensive bus routes and MetroRail – with two rapid subway lines and four rail lines – Los Angeles certainly has this covered.

Preparing For Your Clinical Trial
There are steps you can take to prepare for your clinical trial. Knowledge is power, so make sure you read everything you can about the trial, including what will be tested and the condition it is intended to improve. Also, make sure your work and class schedules will not be affected, as clinical trials can take longer than anticipated.

Take the Plunge

We need all the heroes we can get; and people who take part in clinical trials are definitely heroes. By participating, you’ll learn more about your particular condition and new strategies you can use in dealing with it…all while providing an invaluable service to people around the world who suffer from the same conditions.

If you are interested in enrolling in Los Angeles clinical studies for depression, fibromyalgia, smoking cessation, or PTSD, contact the Pacific Institute of Medical Research, which is an independent clinical research site specializing in psychiatry since 1982. Visit us online or call us at (310) 208-7144.

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