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Three Ways to Treat Female Sexual Dysfunction Los Angeles

Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is a problem that affects many women worldwide. It is a prolonged and persistent issue related to sexual response, orgasm, pain and desire. These problems can put tremendous strain on both the person suffering with this dysfunction, as well as the relationship the sufferer has with their partner.

Struggling with these types of issues is not an unusual thing for women at any age. It doesn’t necessarily occur in every type of sexual situation that the person is in, only on specific occasions.

It can be a very complex problem to identify the root causes of as there are many factors at play, including emotions, physiology, relationships, lifestyle and past experiences. All it takes is for one or more of these factors to be altered in order to affect a person’s sexual satisfaction, arousal or desire.

However, women should not despair if they are suffering from this type of dysfunction, as it doesn’t have to be a permanent problem in their life; there are ways in which they can fight back against it and increase female libido.

Three Treatments for Female Sexual Dysfunction Los Angeles

  1.    Clinical Trials in Los Angeles

Scientists and medical professionals need to understand the underlying causes of female sexual dysfunction, as well as the type of people who suffer from this condition. Therefore, they need to conduct FSD clinical trials in Los Angeles in order to test different hypotheses and new treatments  for female sexual dysfunction that may be effective.

Los Angeles clinical trials are an integral part of all medical research, which are carried out on subjects in a controlled manner. Becoming part of Los Angeles clinical trials may be extremely beneficial to a person suffering from female sexual dysfunction as they may have access to the latest treatments that have been developed.

These services will very often be provided free of charge, as well as being exclusive to the people that are taking part in the trial.

  1.    Estrogen TherapyFSD symptoms

Researchers have pinpointed imbalances of hormones as being one of the leading causes of female sexual dysfunction. While it all depends on the individual woman, it has been found that women who have gone through the menopause process are more susceptible to suffering from certain types of sexual difficulties as a result of hormone imbalances. This does not mean that it is a cause that is exclusive to these older women.

Estrogen is often prescribed in order to restore this delicate balance of hormones, as it will help to increase female libido. As estrogen is one of the leading sexual hormones in the female body and a trigger for many important sexual functions, it is important that estrogen levels are kept high. If a woman suffers from low levels of this hormone, she will have trouble with blood flow and muscle tone around the vagina, which makes the production of lubrication harder.

There are a variety of ways in which a woman can supplement estrogen. It is available in pill form, ointments and rings.

  1.    Healthy Lifestyle

There can be a variety of factors that are causing a woman to suffer from female sexual dysfunction and they can all be positively changed by alterations in a woman’s lifestyle. Avoiding excessive alcohol and not smoking cigarettes will increase female libido, as well increasing the response of an orgasm. She should do some form of strenuous activity each and every day as it will elevate her body image, stamina and boosts mood. She should also ensure that she is setting aside enough time to relax and unwind, as stress will decrease her sexual responsiveness.

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