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Various Types of Therapy for Depression

Feeling down at times is natural for everyone; however, it is concerning when these feelings linger day after day, as that could indicate depression. According to WebMD, major depression is an episode of apathy or sadness, including various other symptoms, that lasts for at least two consecutive weeks, and due to its severity, interrupts daily activities. Feelings of intense sadness, including feeling hopeless, worthless and helpless, that last for many days to weeks and inhibit your normal functioning, may be due to clinical depression, which is a treatable medical condition. There are currently several various depression treatments that are safe and effective.

Per the National Institute of Mental Health, the majority of individuals with depressive disorders show improvement when they receive appropriate treatment; the first step to getting the right depression treatment is to visit a physician or mental health professional. Depression treatments may include the use of various medications and several types of depression therapy.


Depression Medication

Antidepressants are medications that work to treat symptoms of depression. These medications may take several weeks to become effective and can have certain side effects. Although antidepressants are a safe and effective treatment for many, some individuals, especially children, teens and young adults, may be subject to serious risks. Therefore, a “black box” warning has been added to these prescription medications to warn patients about the potential for some patients to experience suicidal thoughts or make suicide attempts. Careful monitoring by a health professional greatly minimizes these potential risks.

therapy for depression Los AngelesInterpersonal Therapy

This type of depression therapy, also known as IPT, is a short-term treatment for depression with a limited-focus. IPT addresses interpersonal issues, and has been shown to be effective in treating depression in adolescents and children. Although events surrounding interpersonal relationships are not the cause of depression, this treatment is effective, as it emphasizes the way symptoms of depression are related to one’s relationships, including those with peers and family members. Rapid symptom reduction and improved social adjustment are the immediate goals of this treatment, with a long-term goal set at enabling those with depression to make their own needed adjustments to better cope with and reduce symptoms of depression.

Psychodynamic Therapy

This type of depression therapy is designed to help those suffering with depression to explore the full range of their emotions, including feelings they aren’t necessarily aware of. Psychodynamic therapy makes the unconscious elements of a patient’s life a part of their present experience, therefore helping patients understand how their mood and behavior are affected by unconscious feelings and issues that are unresolved.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Also known as CBT, this is an effective depression treatment. CBT is related to the assumption that one’s mood is directly affected by his/her patterns of thought. The goal of this type of therapy is to help one learn to recognize negative patterns of thought, evaluate the associated validity, and to replace them with healthier, more positive ways of thinking, since negative thinking affects one’s mood, sense of self, physical state and behavior. CBT researchers and practitioners firmly believe that when patterns of behavior and thought are changed, so is the mood.


Los Angeles Medical Studies for Depression

Although there are many various depression treatments available, there is still a need to find better and more precise treatments. Therefore, Los Angeles medical studies are testing out new ways of treating this condition. Those that are approved to enroll may receive multiple benefits – such as access to the latest benefits and even compensation for participation.

The mentioned depression treatments and therapies are some of the most commonly used. There are other types of therapy that can be utilized when these are noted to be ineffective. Struggling with symptoms of depression is difficult, and it’s important for those affected to be aware of and understand that they don’t have to suffer with clinical depression as there are an abundance of treatment regimens available that are effective.

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